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Web-based Managerial System for Daily & Monthly Production Reports of Power Plants
At present, our country’s managerial system of power industry is transforming from planned economy to socialist market economy. With the development of power technology and in-depth reform of power industry, it is imperative to carry out the separation of power generation and network operation as well as power bidding for power system. After the collapse of the old benefits pattern, power generation modes, fuel cost, parameters & performance of generating set and managerial level will be crucial factors deciding the competitiveness of power generation companies in our country. Consequently, it is a realistic requirement imposed by the market economy upon power plants to minimize coal consumption rate for power supply while maintaining optimal operation of generating sets on the premise of safe operation of generating set.
In order to better control equipments and inspect operational parameters, a mass of data needed to be collected from the site, which can not only be used for equipment control and accident alarm, but also can be employed in computation of some indexes indicating the operational status of generating sets. However, the current DCS just rests on conventional inspection and alarm with still lots of functions lying fallow, which leads to waste of hardware resources.   
If further analysis made upon various parameters to complete the analysis of recomputation upon controllable loss so as to inform the leadership with the latest production & operation status by creating daily & monthly production reports of power plants, then the advantages of existing hardware can be brought into full play; hence, the economic benefits can be achieved on the premise of no or less increase of hardware investment. Therefore, we have designed the Web-based Managerial System for Daily & Monthly Report of Power Plant.
The role of the design is to, in terms of daily & monthly reports generated by operational parameters reflectible of operational status of generating set, quantify various indexes. Thus, the operational status of power plants can be familiarized through these reports. In this regard, the daily & monthly production reports of power plant are of vital importance.
Presently, researches on computing generating set indexes of power plants are increasingly sophisticated both at home and abroad with extensive applications in various power plants. The existing MIS is mostly integrated with index computation function as well as self-developed software system. With respect to either its function or applicable boundary, there are some limitations specifically embodied as follows:
(1) Both the acquisition of real-time data from DCS or MIS and the subsequent computation and analysis upon various operational indexes of generating sets are treated manually, which will inevitably give birth to low efficiency work such as incomplete statistics, computing errors or undue reports on account of massive data treatment. Thus, such mode is only employed by a very few small-sized power plants.
(2) Introduction into similar system from abroad is expensive in price but not certainly satisfactory in meeting the actual demands for computing generating set indexes at home. Therefore, such introduction is rarely adopted.
(3) Generally speaking, the offline or semi-offline system is relied on manual work to input massive original data, and then the system will complete the computation. This system is input with large quantity of data, which is likely to cause mistakes with many anthropic factors, resulting in reduced credibility of evaluation results.
(4) As for newly established power plants with large-sized generating sets and great capacity as well as extended power plants with both large and small generating sets, their DCS can, generally speaking, collect the real-time data needed for index computation, which accordingly is conducted in the form of web. Such mode is the mostly used at present, possessing remarkable advantages compared with the above-mentioned modes; however, there is still some disadvantages, such as some unscientific strategies or methods for computations are still in service; worse still, the computation of index target value is inaccurate.
(5) All index analysis & computation systems are developed by various power plants in light of their actual status, thus they are very poor or almost impracticable with respect to their universalities.
On the basis of extensive investigations and analysis upon existing generating set index computing system of thermal power plants and in view of existing problems, this paper puts forward Web-based index computation employed with J2EE technology and MVC mode so as to reinforce the universality and safety of the system.
本文介紹了J2EE的相關技術、體系結構。首先介紹了C/S結構和B/S結構,并討論了B/S結構相對于C/S結構的優勢。然后介紹了Microsoft.NET 開發平臺、體系結構和內部構成。接下來介紹SUN的J2EE的平臺,包括平臺模型、體系架構、組件技術及應用模式。最后對這兩種平臺進行了比較。
The paper also makes introduction to relative technologies and systematic structure about J2EE. At first, C/S structure and B/S structure are presented with discussion on the comparative advantage of B/S structure upon C/S structure; then the development platform, systematic structure and internal composition of the Microsoft.NET; next the SUN’s J2EE platform including platform model, systematic structure, component technology and applied mode; and finally draw a comparison between the two platforms.
After making analysis upon systematic structure and introduction to MVC mode including treatment process and the merit and demerit of MVC as well as drawing comparisons of implementation technologies for several MVC modes, Chapter III mainly gives an introduction to the Struts framework, an excellent framework to realize MVC mode.
MVC is the abbreviation of Model-View-Controller, a software design mode invented in 1980s, which is widely used nowadays. In recent years, it is recommended as the design mode for J2EE platform of Sun Company, and thus becomes very popular among more and more Web developers. Moreover, it has become the most suitable templet to develop Web application. In the framework of MVC, the Model component is used for depicting data and methods to operate these data in applications, having nothing to do with user interface; the View component is responsible for display data to users; the Controller component translates user operation into the operation upon Model component, which will, after receiving the operation from Controller, renew View and display data variations
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